MTACCO (Marijuana Training & Compliance Colorado) is a registered compliance vendor with the Marijuana Enforcement Division for the State of Colorado and one of only a handful of approved compliance trainers.


Our Responsible Vendor Training (RVT) Program offers State-Recognized, CDPHE Vendor Training.


Becoming a Responsible Vendor through our certification program, business owners may legally mitigate offenses against their license, business investment, and employees. We offer programs for medical and retail marijuana specific to store owners, managers, and employees on how to operate in compliance and with responsible sales. Each course includes a 2.5 hour lecture of vital training, employee resource manuals, as well as documented employee assessments and each certification is valid for each individual and license for two years.


MTACCO has saved companies hundreds of thousands in cost, risk, and stress in an environment of increasing enforcement and greater product liability. With both medical and retail marijuana regulations to contend with, hundreds of thousands of investment dollars on the line, and the forward momentum of regulatory models, compliance and responsibility are more important than ever before. 


Set Responsible Compliance Standards across your organization with Certified Responsible Vendor Training. Be a Responsible Vendor and bring your staff and facilities to State-Approved certification standards.









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